Spaniel Face Coverings

Spaniel Face Coverings / Face Gaiters

In these sections you will find our complete collection of Spaniel face masks and neck/face coverings, from our entire Spaniel range - all spaniel breeds and types can be found here. We produce new and exclusive designs each week, so do check back every now and then and if you have a Spaniel breed you'd like us to make a design for, then please do get in touch by using the 'Contact' button, we'd love to hear from you.

Click on the drop down menu to choose from either Spaniel face masks or Spaniel neck gaiters. If you would like to see a specific spaniel breed, then you can look on the products list on the left hand menu and choose which Spaniel breed you'd like to see products from. If we are going to have to wear face masks we might as well choose lovely ones and make the most of it! All the unique designs here are exclusive to Wocker Cocker and can not be found elsewhere. 

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